Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mission for Health

As a child of the '70's, Dettol Antiseptic Liquid played a pretty major part in our lives.  Every time we got a scraped knee or other minor injury, out would come the Dettol in a bowl of warm water and cotton wool to wipe the hurt away.  I have to admit I still love the original 'Dettol' scent!  Now as a Mum myself Dettol still plays a big part in our lives (especially having 2 rough and tumble boys!) with their fantastic range of products.

Dettol is still leading the way in family health with their Mission for Health program, part of which is promoting community awareness of how easily germs are spread.  "Our mission is fueled by passion and backed by our expertise in disinfection and hygiene" is a great summary of Dettol's aims with Mission for Health.

One area of the website that I found particularly interesting and helpful was the 'New Mums' section - from information about Community Nurse Q&A sessions, to downloadable eduational booklets, to a section on advice from Real Mums.  It's all very user friendly and practical for expecting and new Mums.  I am always happy to see information that is easy to access for new Mums, its such a confusing time where you are bombarded with advice from well-meaning people, so its great to be able to do your own research and make your own decisions about things.

Dettol has some amazing new products on the market to help Mums practice healthy hygiene habits in their homes.  My top picks are:
  • Dettol Surface Wipes - These are SO handy to keep in the bathroom to quickly clean up little messes around the toilet... an essential for potty training or if you have boys in the house (someone always seems to be off target when doing a wee hehe)
  • Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser - While this isn't something I have used a lot of, its super handy to keep one of these in the car for those occasions where you might need to use a public toilet or something.  Just use a little after washing your hands to feel confident all the germs are gone.
  • Dettol Spray Surface Cleanser - Fantastic to have on hand to clean the bench with after cutting raw meat for a meal!
So its a big thumbs up for me for Dettol's Mission for Health Program.  It's a great example of a big company investing in the community and creating a program that is not required of them but instead using their position for education and awareness. 

I was sent an obligation free pack of Dettol products to use, there was no payment for this post and in fact no requirement for me to write a review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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